DIY Home Hacks to Organise your Home Today

DIY Home Hacks to Organise your Home Today

Getting organized is one of the best ways to save time and effort. You can find what need without turning your place upside down and it gives you time to relax and enjoy a hobby – mine is online slot games and cooking. Here are some DIY home hacks to organise your home today:


diy home hacksKeeping your kitchen organized makes the area easier to clean and more comfortable for your family and guests. It also helps you save time while preparing meals. Instead of storing measuring cups in stacks, you should just hang them individually. You can exactly where you put them, so you can easily grab the measuring cup that you need.

Store rarely used items in cupboards or kitchen cabinets. For instance, if you only use the toaster once a month, you should keep it in the cabinet or cupboard. Use pan and lid organizers to store utensils, dishes and plastic containers upright in the kitchen cabinets. Store items where they’re used often. For instance, store utensils and dishes near the dishwasher. Consider using pull-out drawers to save some space.


Having an organized closet lessens wear and tear on the clothes and helps you save time when picking an outfit. Categorize similar clothing items together. Separate slacks, separate blouses, dresses, t-shirts and skirts. Remove items that you’re no longer using. You can throw it in the trash or donate it. Another way of disposing old or unused clothes is by selling them through a garage sale.

You should also choose hangers based on your needs. For example, thick shape-conforming hangers can help prevent creases. Thin hangers are ideal for those who want to save space. You can also use closet organizers so that you can easily access the item that you need. Use vacuum space saving bags and garment bags to store out of season items. These bags can wear and tear on the clothing and help you save space.


Organising your bathroom will make it safer for you and your family. It will also help you create a relaxing atmosphere. Look in your cabinets and drawers. Get rid of anything away that you have not used in 6 months. Organizers and drawer dividers can help you keep drawers organized. Consider using vanity organizers, suction baskets, behind the door hooks and shelving to create space inside the bathroom. Put similar items in totes and baskets that can be stored in cabinets and taken out when needed.


What’s the purpose of your garage? Do you want to use it as a parking spot or are you planning to use it for storage? Maybe you want to transform it into a play area or a home office. You have to organise your garage to meet your needs. If you’re planning to use it as a parking spot, you have to remove anything that might block the car. You can use shelving, wall organizers and overhead storage to keep your items organized. If you need it for storage, you should sort items into different categories first and use properly sized containers for storing them. Keep similar items together and put the most frequently used items in easy to access areas.

Great Cleaning Hacks to Bookmark!

Cleaning Hacks

cleaning hacks | portail-charolles

Do you ever feel like household chores seem to take forever to finish? If you usually spend long hours doing cleaning tasks, it would be a brilliant idea to consider great cleaning hacks to save you time and effort in completing the tasks.

You have probably learned some cleaning tips from your friends or loved ones before, but things can be a lot easier if you know great cleaning hacks.



The following hacks can make cleaning more manageable and can significantly reduce the time you usually spend in cleaning:

  • Get rid of oil stains on the carpet by using baking soda
  • Remove set in water stains by rubbing lemon on your faucet
  • Rub chalk on grease stains found in your clothes prior to putting them into the washing machine. This helps to lift the stains easily
  • If you want to get dust and crumb out of your keyboard’s keys, use an old toothbrush
  • You can actually clean your chopping boards without using chemicals. Use kosher salt and lemon instead
  • Clean your oven using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. You can save money from this great cleaning hacks at the same time
  • If your clothes accumulate paint while you are doing your child’s project, you can get rid of this using a razor
  • Another excellent cleaning hack is to use 50-50 combination of vinegar and water when cleaning or washing your blinds
  • Use hairdryer in removing water strings from the wooden surfaces and buff with olive oil to refresh them
  • If your pats and pons have old food caked on them, you can clean these using sea salt scrub
  • Dust your TV, computer monitors and other screens using coffee filters
  • Use newspaper in absorbing smell inside your fridge
  • Get rid of gross debris found in your cheese grater by means of grating some raw potato chunks
  • You can also remove pesky pet hair from the carpet by using a squeegee
  • Cream of tartar is another effective cleaning hack. You can use this as a cleaner of all your stainless steel appliances
  • Micro-fiber cloth and rubbing alcohol can also be used in removing nail polish stains on your carpets
  • Use soda in getting rid of grease stains on the garage floor
  • If you want a smell-free coffee grinder, grind some uncooked white rice into it
  • If you notice those gross burn marks into your curling or straightening iron, you can clean these using steel wool
  • One ball of aluminum foil and dish soap are enough to scrub and clean your glass dishes
  • If you are cleaning the house and need to pick up broken glass, you just need to press a piece of bread into the area where the glass broke
  • Wash some small fittings like extractor fan filters and fridge shelves into the dishwasher
  • If you want streak-free window cleaning, another recommended cleaning hack is to add some dishwasher rinse into the water

These are actually just a few of the many great cleaning hacks that you can try. These cleaning hacks are designed to make cleaning faster, easier, and more convenient, so you can sit and relax with a cuppa and a guilty pleasure – mine are jackpot casino slots, in particular Fluffy Favourites Jackpot.